Japan-China collaborative project

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) conducted the “Demonstration Project of Improving Efficiency Technologies / Systems of International Energy Consumption, Energy-saving Building Demonstration Project (Shanghai, China)”, which is that a Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Facility that was conducted by the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute in China, one of the world's leading energy consuming countries, has introduced high-tech energy-saving equipment made in Japan.

International standard communication standard adopted

This OpenBEMS adopts "IEEE1888". "IEEE1888" is developed by the University of Tokyo green ICT project (GUTP) for the next generation BEMS and a smart grid, and it's the open communication standard standardized internationally in 2011. 【IEEE1888 Official name: UGCCNet (Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network)】

Cloud Type OpenBEMS

The conventional BEMS was used only by the facility manager within the facility. Cloud type OpenBEMS gathers various data without being restricted by equipment makers, moreover, it is a next-generation BEMS adopting "IEEE1888" that can be used not only for equipment administrators but also for users and outside the facility.

Background and Story
Possibility of OpenBEMS
The Function of OpenBEMS
System Screenshot of OpenBEMS
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System Overview of OpenBEMS